Promoting Unity Video

“Can we accomplish more together than we can separately?” this has been a heart-searching question three local congregations have been contemplating for the past 9 months. Many of Chowchilla’s residents will be familiar with Life Change Church historically called First Baptist Church of Chowchilla founded in 1921, Crossroads Community church founded in 1993 and Grace Community Church founded in 1955. The three have been undergoing a process of rigorous research and reflection that has forced each to reexamine the mission of the church and why it exists. In the course of exploring each church’s unique values and philosophy of ministry they were nonetheless overwhelmed by Jesus passionate cry for His church to be one (John 17:21; Eph. 4) in their faith and trust in His person-hood. The three churches have long acknowledged that they share the same roots but the challenge of reconciling past conflicts and restoring broken relationships has historically overshadowed the all reconciliation and unity. There has been dialogue of reuniting over the years but the complications of taking on such a difficult task always gave way to discouragement. The latest conversation, however, has affirming that they can accomplish more together than they can separately. On Sunday October 20th all voted to dissolve their current corporate structures and transfer all their assets to the new church they are beginning called “Valley Harvest”. “It was a historic event” said Pastor David B. Lucas of Crossroads. Pastor Brian Mott of Grace agreed “There have been people in our community praying over this for two decades”. The two pastors will be joining forces for their opening service as a reunited family on November 17, 2013 at 10:45 am.