Growth Groups


Why we all need to belong to a community group…

We can give you the basic reasons which are all true: you can develop friendships; you can be challenged and grow; you can become healthier in your body, soul, and spirit; and you can help the church with the most effective way of doing outreach. But the primary reason to be in a community group is not to learn more biblical information. It’s not to develop great friends. It’s not even accountability. It’s connectedness. Belonging to a community group velcroes me to the people and information I’ll need when a need-to-grow or need-to-know crisis shows up. And it is only a matter of time before a crisis shows up!

The unconnected Christian has no one to turn to when he/she needs a shoulder to cry on, or a push in the right direction, or wise advice. And such a person almost certainly has no one to step forward and deliver truth that’s hard to hear. If you want to feel the heartbeat of Valley Harvest, start belonging. You’ll be glad you did!

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